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Recording Studio

Imagine Audio + Media offers recording studio services to accommodate the needs of various clients for voiceovers and music, either in our studio or on location.


We produce voiceovers for elearning, audio books, commercials, radio shows, infomercials, motivational speeches, sermons, etc.


We produce any type of music including jazz, rock, blues, polka, alternative, electronic, country, rap, R&B, funk, oldies, classical, choral, pop, disco, dance, cheer, folk, indie, musical theater, etc. We also edit, remix and create music for dance studios and cheer organizations.


We record vocals & rap to a backing, instrumental or karaoke track and we can use double tracking, effects and autotune to perfect your performance.


We will also help you with your home recording. We mix and master the tracks you record at your home studio and make it sound more professional.


With over 20 years of experience in the recording business, we can help bring your visions to life.



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