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Imagine Audio + Media has been in the business for over 30 years and has worked with thousands of clients.


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Sara Botkin -


“I love working with Dino at Imagine Audio + Media and I would never go anywhere else for my CD duplication. All three of my CD releases turned out even better than I’d hoped – the paper in the liner notes is great quality (actually better than most major label releases I own), the color is vibrant, and the silkscreen on the discs themselves is brilliant! Working with Dino is so much better than going through a mail order place because I have a real live person who knows me and who I can look in the eye and get my questions answered. It’s a great feeling to know that Dino really, truly cares about how my project turns out. Every time I’ve needed anything – whether it was for Dino to listen to something I was working on and help me make a decision (once he even met me on a Saturday morning at his kids’ soccer game!), or if I needed a rush on my duplication order – Imagine Audio + Media has always come through for me. We are lucky in Pittsburgh to have such a world class studio and duplication company and I highly recommend it.”

-Sara Botkin


"Imagine Audio + Media is a 'world class', I highly recommend Dino Pandolfo as a top-notch recording engineer."

- Pat Griffin, Professional Guitarist and Veteran Studio Musician


"Imagine Audio + Media is the best! We got our cds in time for our release party. The whole process was totally smooth and our packaging looks great!"

-Dave Woods



Dwayne Dolphin

dwayne dolphin


Anne Davis



Pittsburgh, PA

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